UNBOXING: The Candle Lit Shelf’s Infernal Romance Candle Box

Hey, avid readers! I am very excited to write my first review for a candle box! I’ve already reviewed book subscription boxes before, but I haven’t reviewed a candle box yet. So, here it is!

The Box’s Contents:

My Thoughts:

So, let’s divide this into two sections: the things I love and the things I didn’t like.

Things I Love About the Box:

I love how all the candles and lip balms smell so good!!! The Infernal Romance Bookish Candle smells like COTTON CANDY. The Parabatai one smells like CINNAMON. I love love love their smells and I cannot wait to burn them while diving into the Shadowhunter world! I also really love the bookmarks! They seem sturdy + the illustration was well done.

Things I Didn’t Like About the Box:

First, I think that the setup of the items inside the box were not properly set. As you can see in the video, when I opened the box, the items were scattered in an unorganized way. I was hoping that maybe all items would have their own compartment or a little bubble wrap for the candles and envelope for the bookmarks. In that way, the contents of the box would be easier to put out. For instance, when I put out the magnetic bookmarks, I saw one bookmark completely not attached to the paper where the two other bookmarks were.

Second, one of the lip balms was defective (please refer to video). I couldn’t turn it up, that’s why I couldn’t use it.

Then, I also think that for the price (PHP 1000), I was expecting for more items inside. I’m already contented with the candles and lip balms, really; but I was hoping for more bookmarks or some prints.

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Although this box received just 3 stars from me, I don’t think this will be my last purchase from The Candle Lit Shelf. I really like the seller’s kind attitude; and I also like their other products! I’m hoping to get another candle box soon.


This is not sponsored. I bought the box with my own money. πŸ™‚


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