Starting the New Year Right | MY 2019 READING GOALS

Hey, avid readers!

This post is part of Shealea’s (That Bookshelf Bitch) #Project14Lists wherein book bloggers share a certain number of lists in celebration of her blogging anniversary.

2019 is fast approaching and I didn’t even notice?! Well, for the new year, I have quite a few reading plans and/or goals. I wanna share them with you with the hope of maybe inspiring you, so if you wanna know my reading goals for 2019, just keep on reading!

  • Read one book each month from the genres I’m a fan of which are: fantasy, science fiction, mystery/thriller and contemporary.
  • Expand my reading preferences by picking from a TBR jar a book in a genre that I’m not a fan of. The book titles in my TBR jar are random but the genres could be, but not limited to: historical fiction, classic and romance.
  • DNF a book if I’m still not into it after a hundred pages. This year, I’ve struggled with a lot of books because I’m afraid to DNF them even if I was not enjoying them. I learned from Hailey (Hailey in Booklandthat you could probably read more if you would focus on the books you’re ultimately interested in.
  • Participate in reading challenges. This would really help with my goal of expanding my reading preferences! I will make a separate post on what reading challenges I will be joining in 2019.
  • Read 50 books.


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13 thoughts on “Starting the New Year Right | MY 2019 READING GOALS

  1. These are great goals! Mine are simple – try not to get overwhelmed with reading and blogging. I know I can’t do more than maybe 10 books a year these days, so don’t get disheartened or anxious if I fall into a slump. Reading out of my usual genres seems like a good idea though!

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  2. I hope your reading goals are still going well now that we are a few months into 2019! I have written about my reading goals, but the one I am REALLY trying to stick to is reading more diversely – I want to read 1 diverse book for each non-diverse book I read! So far I am meeting that goal so I hope I can stick to it!


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