My Year in Books [Part One] | MY TOP 18 READS THIS 2018

Hey, avid readers!

This post is part of Shealea’s (That Bookshelf Bitch#Project14Lists wherein book bloggers share a certain number of lists in celebration of her blogging anniversary.

For today’s list, I am gonna share with you my top 18 reads of 2018 (ordered by date read) and this is just the first part of My Year in Books (credits to Goodreads for the name idea). If you’re interested to know which books made it to my top list this year, then just keep on reading.

23398763  23228  35100017

10429045  13104080  147865

29626641  29385546  23846013

25938390  35504431  13722513

32573000  11855046  39874312

15753977  33294200  34802290


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6 thoughts on “My Year in Books [Part One] | MY TOP 18 READS THIS 2018

  1. Lovely list! I have such a soft spot for Cinder and the Lunar Chronicles books! I adore that series so much! And I also really enjoyed Warcross! I read the Legend trilogy a few years back and recall enjoying that one as well! ❤


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