Biannual Bibliothon

Winter Snow Storm Fun | Biannual Bibliothon Day 1

**This post is an entry to Winter 2019 Biannual Bibliothon Day 1 Blog Challenge.**

In my dreams, it was snowing. Can this dream be a reality please? It’s so hot here in the Philippines that even in my sleep, I can feel the heat.

In my dreams, I am playing a video game with Emika, Hideo and Hammie. What the actual heck? Is Warcross really that good that even in my dreams, these characters appear?

In my dreams, it looks like it’s just a chill day. Emika, Hideo, Hammie and I don’t mind the snow outside. We’re just playing, eating ramen and drinking milk tea while Tennis Court by Lorde is playing on repeat in the new high technology bluetooth speaker that Hideo and Emika made together.

And when the beat dropped before the chorus of the song, I woke to the noise of our dogs barking.

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